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Yoyo Bear Super Species Variants

It has taken a few years to discover the variants in this series. There are now three:

11. Nurse Sonar

The colour of the wall behind the dolphin's head is no much more noticeable, having changed from a pale grey to rich pink.

Yoyo Bear Super Species card 11 variants


69. The Needle

The most obvious difference is the red and blue jacket that the Narwhal is wearing, but there is also a subtle colour change to the penguin, as well as a text formatting (but not content) change to the back.

Yoyo Bear Card Super Species 69 variants


72. Cupid

This concerns a change to the text on the reverse. The phrase "Borneo ninja slug shoots potential mates" could be taken out of context. Hence the text was modified.

Yoyo Bear Super Species card 72 variants