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Yoyo Bear Country Cards

The Yoyo Bear Country cards first appeared in the UK and Ireland in January 2014. The image blow shows the bearnibbles.co.uk website in April that year.

bearnibbles website 2014

There were 80 cards in total, of which 73 are countries. Of the remaining 7, Tasmania and Christmas Island are Australian territories; Siberia is part of Russia; Hawaii is the 50th state of the USA; Antarctica is a continent and Easter Island is a territory of Chile.

Yoyo Bear Cards Around the World

Four cards proved difficult to obtain - Netherlands (13), Switzerland (16), Zimbabwe (24) and Philippines (51).

In the middle of 2018, Bear decided to start selling Yoyo Fruit Rolls in the USA and a selection of European countries. Instead of enclosing the current set of cards (Space Race), they decided to enclose the Around the World cards. In true Bear style, the cards have been modified, with some countries added, and others taken away. This has also resulted in about 80% of the cards being re-numbered. They have also altered some of the text on the back.

The U.S. version has removed Ireland, Siberia, Afghanistan, Iran, Hawaii and Greenland. In their place are Iceland*, Belgium*, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, South Korea and the Maldives.

*The European countries where these cards are also available comprise Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Netherlands and Sweden.

If you need any cards to complete your collection, it is possible to buy them here, including a large number of cards from the U.S.A.

The gallery below has now been updated to include the six extra cards from the USA, positioned in the correct sequence. The image below shows the first six cards (five from the UK and one from the USA). Hovering the mouse over the numbers below (or tapping numbers if on a tablet or phone) will display the remaining cards in batches of six.

1-5 6-11 12-16 17-22 23-28 29-34 35-38 39-43 44-48 49-54 55-60 61-66 67-72 73-78 79-80


Yoyo Bear Around the World Country Cards Gallery

The backs of the cards were, again, a step up from the previous set, and contained a wealth of information about each country. Shown below is the reverse of the Ireland card from the UK set, and the Indonesia card from the US set. There is a huge contrast in the deadly creature count!

Yoyo Bear Around the World card reverses

The second series in this set comprised 20 Treasure Cards. These treasure cards were not released in the USA - not really sure why that was?

In return for collecting 10 tokens from the packets, and sending them to the Bear Cave in London, Bear would send back a large A2 map and stickers. The stickers below are from the US Bear cave in San Francisco. Click on the stickers and the US version of the map will appear in a new window.

Bear Around the World stickers

Was there a prize for completing the collection? I think there was, but we didn't send off for it unfortunately. If anyone did, can they please let me know by emailing me at yoyobearcards@mail.com.