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All cards do have some staining from the fruit rolls - this is inevitable due to the non-shiny backs of the cards. Bear did address this problem with subsequent cards sets have a glossy film applied to the backs. The table below shows the current stock, price and condition. I have tried to be honest with the condition description, but there are photos of the actual sale cards at the bottom of the page. Postage and packing will cost £1, irrespective of how many cards are ordered. All cards are sent with proof of postage, or signed for (large orders), which allows a full refund in the event that the cards are lost in the post.

To order, send an email to yoyobearcards@mail.com to confirm stock. Once, the order is confirmed, payment can be made to the Paypal account specified in the invoice.

The numbers in the table that are known are shown as double numbers e.g. 1/150. Single numbers are guesses. As can be seen from all the gaps, it is work in progress. If anyone out there has these cards and can add some more numbers it would be great to hear from you.

The variations on these cards, where they exist, are related to the matching of the animal on the obverse (as named) with the facts on the reverse (numbered). There are probably quite a lot - remember this was Bear's initial foray into producing cards.

We are retrospectively trying to collect these cards, so if anyone has any they would like to swap or sell, then drop us a line at yoyobearcards@mail.com.

Covid-19 Update: Still open for sales, however, due to the restrictions of movement in the UK, I will now post items twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.

Covid-19 Status and Stock Updated: 24th June 2020

Number Alt Numbers Family Member Condition Stock Price (£)
1/150   Bear Mr. Bear   SOLD OUT  
2/149 4/146 Bear Mrs. Bear   SOLD OUT  
3/147   Bear Grrreat Aunt Beatrice   SOLD OUT  
4/146   Bear The Triplets   SOLD OUT  
5/145 1/150 Bear Bridget   SOLD OUT 2.00
6/144 10/140 Bird Bow-Tie Bruce   SOLD OUT  
7/143 9/141 Bird Big Billy   SOLD OUT  
8/142   Bird Bowling Bobby   SOLD OUT  
9/141   Bird Beautiful Belinda   SOLD OUT  
10/140 6/144 Bird Baby Bertie Bird Some puncture marks LAST ONE 1.50
11/139   Squirrel Super Strong Stuart   SOLD OUT  
12/138 14/136 Squirrel Surfing Shaun   SOLD OUT  
13/137   Squirrel Stevie and Simon   SOLD OUT  
14/136 12/138 Squirrel Ski-ing Sally   SOLD OUT 2.50
15/135 11/139 Squirrel Grandpa Squirrel   SOLD OUT 2.50
16 20/130 Hedgehog Hiccupping Henry   SOLD OUT  
17/133 19/131 Hedgehog Mrs. Hedgehog and Baby Hugh   SOLD OUT  
18/132   Hedgehog Headphone Harry   SOLD OUT 1.00
19/131   Hedgehog Hungry Hayley   SOLD OUT  
20/130   Hedgehog Hibernating Harvey   SOLD OUT  
21/129   Owl Mr. Owl   SOLD OUT  
22/128   Owl Olga and Otto   SOLD OUT  
23/127   Owl Offside Oscar   SOLD OUT  
24/126   Owl Olive   SOLD OUT 3.00
25/125   Owl Old Oprah   SOLD OUT  
26/124   Mouse Mouse-tache Marvin   SOLD OUT  
27/123   Mouse Martial-Arts Mabel   SOLD OUT  
28/122   Mouse Munching Marty   SOLD OUT 2.00
29/121 27/123 Mouse Mysterious Mary   SOLD OUT  
30/120 26/124 Mouse Maurice   SOLD OUT  
31/119 35/115 Rabbit Rowing Ricky and Rita   SOLD OUT  
32/118 34/116 Rabbit Romantic Richard   SOLD OUT  
33/117   Rabbit Racing Roger   SOLD OUT  
34/116   Rabbit Rosie   SOLD OUT  
35/115 31/119 Rabbit The Relatives   SOLD OUT 3.00
36/114 50/100 Spider Speedy Spencer   SOLD OUT  
37/113 49/101 Spider Skipping Suzi Some dark marks LAST ONE 2.50
38/112   Spider Small Scale Sheldon Light corner crease LAST ONE 3.00
39/111   Spider Scaredy Simon   SOLD OUT  
40/110 46/104 Spider Samantha   SOLD OUT  
41 40/110 Bat Mr. Bat   SOLD OUT  
42/108 39/111 Bat Uncle Benny   SOLD OUT 3.00
43/107   Bat Bat Family Portrait   SOLD OUT  
44/106 35/113, 37/113 Bat Bernard Crease down centre. Some staining. LAST ONE 1.00
45/105   Bat Batty   SOLD OUT  
46/104 45/105 Badger Brian   SOLD OUT  
47/103 44/106 Badger Barry   SOLD OUT  
48/102 43/107 Badger Baxter the Brave   SOLD OUT  
49/101   Badger Betsy   SOLD OUT  
50/100   Badger Becky   SOLD OUT  
51/99 55/95 Mole Monocle Monty Light crease down centre LAST ONE 2.00
52/98 54/96, 54/06 Mole Matron Maureen Long crease SOLD OUT 2.00
53/97   Mole Muddy Madeline Medium crease SOLD OUT 2.00
54/96   Mole Mad Malcolm   SOLD OUT  
55/95   Mole Miniature Margaret   SOLD OUT  
56/94 60/90 Bee Queen Bee   SOLD OUT  
57/93   Bee Busy Bee   SOLD OUT  
58/92   Bee Bumble   SOLD OUT  
59 57/93 Bee Honey Bee   SOLD OUT  
60/90   Bee Worker Bee   SOLD OUT  
61/89 51/89 Beaver Beavis   SOLD OUT  
62/88 64/86 Beaver Bite Size Becky   SOLD OUT  
63/87   Beaver Mr. Beaver   SOLD OUT  
64/86   Beaver Mrs. Beaver   SOLD OUT 2.50
65/85   Beaver BMX Brett   SOLD OUT  
66/84 70/80 Wolf Mr. Wolf   SOLD OUT 1.00
67/83   Wolf Wendy the Wand   SOLD OUT  
68/82   Wolf Weightlifting Wally   SOLD OUT  
69/81 67/83 Wolf Wise Old Wolf   SOLD OUT  
70/80 66/84 Wolf Whistling Wilbur   SOLD OUT 2.50
71/79 75/151 Homes Squirrel's Nook   SOLD OUT  
72/78   Homes Underground Tunnels   SOLD OUT  
73/77   Homes The Dark Den   SOLD OUT  
74/76 72/78 Homes The Berry Bushes   SOLD OUT  
75/151   Homes The Big Cave   SOLD OUT  


Sale Cards images

All the animal families cards that are on sale are shown below. I only have one of each card.

Animal Families cards for sale


Animal Families cards for sale