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Bear's Curious Quest, Lost and Legendary

Fearne-Itcher from Bear's Curious QuestThe shiny cards normally appear in August, complete with modified packaging, however with this set it didn't happen.

The first few appearance of the "Lost and Legendary" cards occurred in mid-September, but intriguingly the boxes containing these shiny cards were unchanged from the original packaging with a 'Best Before' date of August 2020. Official word from Bear is that the packaging will remain unchanged. From a stock control perspective, this makes sense as under the previous scheme, Bear was presumably left with a significant amount of old (non-shiny) boxes.

Unfortunately, unlike earlier series, where boxes of 9 contained 2 shinies and boxes of 5 contained 1, the inclusion of shinies in each box is completely random. This results in a slightly better than evens chance of getting a shiny in a box of 9 and just better than 50/50 chance in a box of 5. So, any gamblers amongst us would do well to avoid buying single boxes of 5 in favour of single boxes of 9. My own experience reflects this.

The upshot is that the shinies in this collection are twice as rare as any that have gone before.

The images of the ten Lost and Legendary shiny cards can be seen below.

Last Updated: 6th November 2019

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