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Forest Games Cards for Sale

I have a small selection of these cards for sale. All cards do have some staining from the fruit rolls - this is inevitable due to the non-shiny backs of the cards. Bear did address this problem with subsequent cards sets have a glossy film applied to the backs. The table below shows the current stock, price and condition (of best card if more than 1 in stock). I have tried to be honest with the condition description and I have also included photos of all cards at the bottom of the page. I am also happy to send more detailed photos of any of the cards. Postage and packing will cost £1, irrespective of how many cards are ordered. All cards are sent with proof of postage, or signed for (large orders), which allows a full refund in the event that the cards are lost in the post.

To order, send an email to yoyobearcards@mail.com to confirm stock. Once, the order is confirmed, payment can be made to the Paypal account specified in the invoice.

Covid-19 Update: Still open for sales, however, due to the restrictions of movement in the UK, I will now post items twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.

Covid-19 Status and Stock Updated: 24th July 2020


Number Team Description Condition Stock Price (£)
151/260   Duck of Luck   SOLD OUT 4.00
152/259 Banana Bunch Logstackle Course Lydia Minor crease SOLD OUT 1.25
153/258 Banana Bunch Centi-speed Skating Sam Some moisture spots LAST ONE 1.00
154/257 Banana Bunch Deercathlon Daisy   SOLD OUT 1.25
155/256 Banana Bunch Puddle Diving Paula   SOLD OUT 1.25
156/255 Banana Bunch Tree Swing Ringo   SOLD OUT 1.50
157/254 Banana Bunch Hula Hooting Hilda   SOLD OUT 1.50
158/253 Banana Bunch Terra-pin Bowling Bruno   SOLD OUT 1.00
159/252 Blueberry Bandits Moo-ter Bike Merryn   SOLD OUT 1.50
160/251 Blueberry Bandits Cricket Christina   SOLD OUT 1.25
161/250 Blueberry Bandits Pond Polo Pierre   SOLD OUT 1.25
162/249 Blueberry Bandits Hedge Hurdling Hayley   SOLD OUT 1.00
163/248 Blueberry Bandits Trampo-lion Tina   SOLD OUT 1.50
164/247 Blueberry Bandits Mole Vault Morris Minor crease LAST ONE 1.25
165/246 Blueberry Bandits Kay-Yak Yorik   SOLD OUT 1.00
166/245 Cherry Crew Ar-cherry Andrew   SOLD OUT 1.00
167/244 Cherry Crew Twig of War Janny Vs Jonny   SOLD OUT 1.50
168/243 Cherry Crew Duck & Dodge Ball Dave Some small creases LAST ONE 1.00
169/242 Cherry Crew Triple Stump Jump June Almost mint LAST ONE 1.50
170/241 Cherry Crew Hoptathlon Hetti   SOLD OUT 1.00
171/240 Cherry Crew Stable Tennis Tamsin   SOLD OUT 1.25
172/239 Cherry Crew Tree-athlon Tabitha   SOLD OUT 1.00
173/238 Go Mango Twig of War Jonny Vs Janny   SOLD OUT 1.50
174/237 Go Mango Butterfly Stroke Beaumont All have some flaws 3 1.00
175/236 Go Mango Flamingolf Freddy Single 3cm crease from side LAST ONE 1.00
176/235 Go Mango Gi-rafting Giles   SOLD OUT 1.25
177/234 Go Mango Ka-rate-e Kerry   SOLD OUT 1.50
178/233 Go Mango Dissscusss Sssarah   SOLD OUT 1.00
179/232 Go Mango Netball Nancy Some marks on front LAST ONE 1.00
180/231 Pear Posse Acro-Bat-ic Alice   SOLD OUT 1.25
181/230 Pear Posse Bear-sketball Boris   SOLD OUT 1.25
182/229 Pear Posse Wood Fencing Faz   SOLD OUT 1.50
183/228 Pear Posse Log Limbo Lionel   SOLD OUT 1.50
184/227 Pear Posse Curling Cyril   SOLD OUT 1.25
185/226 Pear Posse Baaadminton Ben   SOLD OUT 1.50
186/225 Pear Posse Synchronised Swanners Sophie & Sybil Almost mint LAST ONE 1.50
187/224 Raspberry Rabble Rug-Bee Barry Corner crease LAST ONE 1.00
188/223 Raspberry Rabble Bull-iards Bill   SOLD OUT 1.25
189/222 Raspberry Rabble Chicken Run Colin   SOLD OUT 1.25
190/221 Raspberry Rabble The Goat Race Greg & Gilly   SOLD OUT 1.50
191/220 Raspberry Rabble High-ena Jump Henry   SOLD OUT 1.50
192/219 Raspberry Rabble Morag the M-ice Hockey Player   SOLD OUT 1.50
193/218 Raspberry Rabble Gymnastick-insect George Very slight creasing LAST ONE 1.25
194/217 Strawberry Squad Lacrosse-adile Lucy Several light creases LAST ONE 1.00
195/216 Strawberry Squad Judodo Julian   SOLD OUT 1.50
196/215 Strawberry Squad Snailing Susan   SOLD OUT 1.50
197/214 Strawberry Squad Conker Croquet Carlton   SOLD OUT 1.50
198/213 Strawberry Squad Tou-kwon Do Kitty One short crease LAST ONE 1.25
199/212 Strawberry Squad Vole-yball Vicky   SOLD OUT 1.50
200/211 Strawberry Squad Beetle Chase Bradley   SOLD OUT 1.50
201/210 Cheetah Charlie   SOLD OUT 1.50
202/209 Cheetah Chester   SOLD OUT 1.50
203/208 Medal Bronze   SOLD OUT 1.50
204/207 Medal Silver   SOLD OUT 1.50
205/206 Medal Gold Corner crease LAST ONE 1.25


Sale Cards images

All the forest games cards that are on sale are shown below.

Forest Games cards for sale


Forest Games cards for sale


Forest Games cards for sale