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Forest Games Cards for Sale

I have a small selection of these cards for sale. All cards do have some staining from the fruit rolls - this is inevitable due to the non-shiny backs of the cards. Bear did address this problem with subsequent cards sets have a glossy film applied to the backs. The table below shows the current stock, price and condition (of best card if more than 1 in stock). I have tried to be honest with the condition description but I am also happy to send detailed photos of any of the cards. Postage and packing will cost £1, irrespective of how many cards are ordered. All cards are sent with proof of postage, or signed for (large orders), which allows a full refund in the event that the cards are lost in the post.

To order, send an email to yoyobearcards@mail.com to confirm stock. Once, the order is confirmed, payment can be made to the Paypal account specified in the invoice.

Covid-19 Update: Still open for sales, however, due to the restrictions of movement in the UK, I will now post items twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.

Covid-19 Status and Stock Updated: 12th November 2021


Number Team Description Condition Stock Price (£)
151/260   Duck of Luck   SOLD OUT 4.00
152/259 Banana Bunch Logstackle Course Lydia   SOLD OUT 1.25
153/258 Banana Bunch Centi-speed Skating Sam   SOLD OUT 1.00
154/257 Banana Bunch Deercathlon Daisy   SOLD OUT 1.25
155/256 Banana Bunch Puddle Diving Paula   SOLD OUT 1.25
156/255 Banana Bunch Tree Swing Ringo   SOLD OUT 1.50
157/254 Banana Bunch Hula Hooting Hilda   SOLD OUT 1.50
158/253 Banana Bunch Terra-pin Bowling Bruno   SOLD OUT 1.00
159/252 Blueberry Bandits Moo-ter Bike Merryn   SOLD OUT 1.25
160/251 Blueberry Bandits Cricket Christina   SOLD OUT 1.25
161/250 Blueberry Bandits Pond Polo Pierre   SOLD OUT 1.25
162/249 Blueberry Bandits Hedge Hurdling Hayley   SOLD OUT 1.00
163/248 Blueberry Bandits Trampo-lion Tina   SOLD OUT 1.50
164/247 Blueberry Bandits Mole Vault Morris bent LAST ONE 1.00
165/246 Blueberry Bandits Kay-Yak Yorik bent LAST ONE 1.00
166/245 Cherry Crew Ar-cherry Andrew   SOLD OUT 1.25
167/244 Cherry Crew Twig of War Janny Vs Jonny   SOLD OUT 1.25
168/243 Cherry Crew Duck & Dodge Ball Dave   SOLD OUT 1.00
169/242 Cherry Crew Triple Stump Jump June   SOLD OUT 1.50
170/241 Cherry Crew Hoptathlon Hetti   SOLD OUT 1.00
171/240 Cherry Crew Stable Tennis Tamsin   SOLD OUT 1.25
172/239 Cherry Crew Tree-athlon Tabitha   SOLD OUT 1.00
173/238 Go Mango Twig of War Jonny Vs Janny   SOLD OUT 1.50
174/237 Go Mango Butterfly Stroke Beaumont light marks (best card) 2 1.25
175/236 Go Mango Flamingolf Freddy   SOLD OUT 1.00
176/235 Go Mango Gi-rafting Giles   SOLD OUT 1.25
177/234 Go Mango Ka-rate-e Kerry   SOLD OUT 1.50
178/233 Go Mango Dissscusss Sssarah   SOLD OUT 1.00
179/232 Go Mango Netball Nancy mint (best card) 2 1.50
180/231 Pear Posse Acro-Bat-ic Alice   SOLD OUT 1.25
181/230 Pear Posse Bear-sketball Boris a little bent LAST ONE 1.25
182/229 Pear Posse Wood Fencing Faz   SOLD OUT 1.50
183/228 Pear Posse Log Limbo Lionel   SOLD OUT 1.50
184/227 Pear Posse Curling Cyril   SOLD OUT 1.25
185/226 Pear Posse Baaadminton Ben   SOLD OUT 1.50
186/225 Pear Posse Synchronised Swanners Sophie & Sybil a little bent LAST ONE 1.50
187/224 Raspberry Rabble Rug-Bee Barry corner crease (best card) 2 1.25
188/223 Raspberry Rabble Bull-iards Bill   SOLD OUT 1.25
189/222 Raspberry Rabble Chicken Run Colin   SOLD OUT 1.25
190/221 Raspberry Rabble The Goat Race Greg & Gilly   SOLD OUT 1.50
191/220 Raspberry Rabble High-ena Jump Henry   SOLD OUT 1.50
192/219 Raspberry Rabble Morag the M-ice Hockey Player   SOLD OUT 1.50
193/218 Raspberry Rabble Gymnastick-insect George   SOLD OUT 1.25
194/217 Strawberry Squad Lacrosse-adile Lucy   SOLD OUT 1.00
195/216 Strawberry Squad Judodo Julian   SOLD OUT 1.50
196/215 Strawberry Squad Snailing Susan   SOLD OUT 1.50
197/214 Strawberry Squad Conker Croquet Carlton   SOLD OUT 1.00
198/213 Strawberry Squad Tou-kwon Do Kitty a bit bent (both cards) 2 1.25
199/212 Strawberry Squad Vole-yball Vicky   SOLD OUT 1.50
200/211 Strawberry Squad Beetle Chase Bradley   SOLD OUT 1.50
201/210 Cheetah Charlie lightly bent SOLD OUT 1.25
202/209 Cheetah Chester mint SOLD OUT 1.50
203/208 Medal Bronze   SOLD OUT 1.50
204/207 Medal Silver lightly bent LAST ONE 1.25
205/206 Medal Gold   SOLD OUT 1.25


Sale Cards images

I have quite a lot of these on sale now, so email me for pictures if interested.