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Yoyo Bear Space Race LogoThe Yoyo Bear Space Race cards first appeared in December 2017.

There are no numbers on the front of the cards, the first time this has occurred since the second set (Forest Games). The cards are organised into groups of twelve, with each group consisting of an astronaut, a spaceship, nine destinations within the Solar System, and a "space stumble" card. The four astronauts are Pink Phantom (a small armadillo); Max Speed (a brave lion); Hubble Trouble (a mischievous crocodile) and Snowball (a smart penguin). Bear's own introduction to the space race is shown below:


Bear Space Race


Space Race Summary Card

There is also a summary card (shown on the left) which introduces the four astronauts, and Captain Bear card (shown below), to complete the initial set of 50 cards. The second set (shinies) should appear in August 2018.

I have now uploaded all the images that we have of the four astronaut's journeys - including three new cards, the first non-duplicate cards for three weeks , having reached 24 out of 50.

So has there been a distribution issue again (see Spy Series) with the cards? Several of the cards I have received, particularly Pink Phantom himself, have suffered from delamination. Was this holding up the further release of cards - remember, that by February 2017, the full set of Spy cards had been released.

Captain Bear - Yoyo Bear Space RaceYoyo Bear Space StampSo, what now? In order to avoid receiving the same old cards each time, check the expiry date on the box. Expiry of Jan 2019 or earlier will only have the old cards. Look for an expiry date of Feb 2019 or later, and these will contain the new cards.


We finally (as of mid-February) received our Space Race Map and sticker set. It gives a few clues as to what the later shiny cards might be, but is still tantalisingly vague. I guess we will have to wait until September.

The Space race between the four astronauts, will have some effect on the shiny cards, and Bear wants us to email the result of our own particular race to him. The overall winner will be the one who wins the most races around the U.K. The winner of my own particular race (which ocurred on 31st March) was Hubble Trouble, followed by Max Speed, Snowball and finally Pink Phantom!

1. Hubble Trouble .......12 out of 12 stops (finished on 31st March 2018)
2. Max Speed .............12 out of 12 stops (finished on 9th April 2018)
3. Snowball ................12 out of 12 stops (finished on 20th April 2018)
4. Pink Phantom ........12 out of 12 stops (finished on 28th April 2018)

If you are missing any of these cards in your collection, it will be possible to buy them here.

Hovering the mouse over the numbers below (or tapping numbers if on a tablet or phone) will display the various pages of cards. Thank you to Dave, Oscar and Hattie Ginn for supplying the latest new images (13th March).

Intro Hubble 1 Hubble 2 Max 1 Max 2 Phantom 1 Phantom 2 Snowball 1 Snowball 2 Stumbles


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