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Bear's Animals (UK cards)

Bear Cards AppThe Yoyo Bear Animal cards first appeared in the UK in mid-November 2020, although the official launch was in mid-December. The cards are in Portrait format, with the numbers marked on the front. They have yet to appear in the USA.

The set consists of 60 cards.

The shiny cards will presumably appear in April 2021. For the first time, Bear has plans to produce an "App" which will be available for Apple and Android in January 2021.

We are now about 3 weeks into collecting these cards and can make the following observations:

1. Around 80% of the cards in the early packs were in the range 1-16.

2. The 9-packs appeared first, followed by the 5-packs. It may be coincidental, but it seems that more cards from the 5-packs fall outside the range 1-16, which is really where we need to focus.

3. The highest number seen so far is 42. No cards between 25 and 36 have turned up yet.

4. As a guess, the shiny cards will be numbered 51-60, a move away from the random distribution in the Greatest Games collection.

The image below shows most of the first six cards. About half of pages have also been populated. Hovering the mouse over the numbers below (or tapping numbers if on a tablet or phone) will display the remaining pages.

1-6 7-12 13-18 19-24 25-30 31-36 37-42 43-48 49-54 55-60


Yoyo Bear's Animals UK Cards Gallery

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