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This is the third set, and first appeared in May 2013. Again, this set came too early for my eldest son to collect, as it finished at about the same time we started eating the fruit rolls. Bear extensively updated the website for this new release of cards. Of course, they also produced other snacks too.

Bear website 2013

Series one contained 110 cards, and was divided into 10 subsets. There was then an additional ten cards to celebrate Bear's 3rd birthday.

Bear's Blueberry Yoyo Fruit RollBear Facts CategoriesThe initial 10 card categories are shown on the left. Each category contained 11 cards - a cover card and 10 other cards.

The second series comprised a single category of 10 cards which were all about bears. There was no cover card for this category as far as we know. This brought the total number of cards in the set to 120, making it the largest set to date. The cards were numbered on the front for the first time, though bizzarly the 10 cover cards were not.

This was the last series in which Blueberry flavour was still available. For those who have never eaten one, this is what the packet looked like.

The image below shows the first six cards. Hovering the mouse over the numbers below (or tapping numbers if on a tablet or phone) will display the remaining cards. Each subset is shown over two pages, with the cover cards appearing twice. The images of the cards have been kindly supplied by Chas Chaplin.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22


Yoyo Bear Facts Cards Gallery

There is one variation to the cards, which is to number 62. It would appear that "Wet Letters" was initially printed with an incorrect number (62), before assuming its correct number of 67. The real #62 is "Happy 50th".

Yoyo Bear Facts Card Variant 62/67

For the first time, the reverse of the cards showed a proper design. The cards contained puzzles, jokes, facts etc based on the theme of the subset. For example, shown below are the reverses of three of the dinosaur cards.

Yoyo Bear Facts card reverses

The collectors kit for this series comprised little cardboard boxes two of which are shown below:

Bear Facts Collector's boxes

There were also various stickers which were supplied for decoration:

Bear Facts collectors stickers

This was the first set in which Bear gave out prizes for completing the collection. It was quite elaborate, see below:

Yoyo Bear Facts Collector's medalOnce you have collected 25 new fact cards we’ll send you a special fact sheet.
Once you have collected 50 new fact cards we'll send you a ‘Top collector’ certificate and a free card of your choice.
Once you have collected 75 new fact cards we'll send you a special top collector’s box and a place on the ‘Bear Board of Fame’.
Once you have collected all 100 new fact cards we'll send you the
most important reward of the bunch – a BEAR winner’s medal. Good luck!

The Bear winner's medal is shown on the left.


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