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Welcome to the Yoyo Bear Card Collector's website, created to provide a reference for collectors, and also to provide an alternative means to eBay, to fill the gaps in your collection. I am a father to three boys, and we are all avid yoyo bear roll eaters and card collectors. We started at the end of the Bear Facts series, which was way back in 2013, and to date we have collected ten complete sets - Animal Families, Forest Games, Bear Facts, Around the World, Super Species, Time Travel, Bear Spy Adventures, Bear Space Race, Bear's Curious Quest and Bear's Greatest Games. We are now in the process of collecting the new Animals set. These sets have all been catalogued on this site.

There is now a page dedicated to the Monsterbet Magnets

Yoyo Bear Cards Mystery CardThere is also a mystery card, shown on the left that was seen on eBay in Feb 2020. This looks like an early pre-release card, so probably dates to mid/late 2009. The web address on the side is www.wearebear.co.uk. This is the website that preceded www.bearnibbles.co.uk. The two sites ran concurrently until 2012 when the wearebear site was discontinued. If anyone knows any more about this card, or has similar cards, then please let me know by emailing us at yoyobearcards@mail.com.


Over the next few months, I am adding as much information as I can to all the pages, dealing which such subjects as collectors packs; prizes for completion of sets; bearnibbles website evolution; and yoyo flavour history. So far, there has been an extensive update of Animal Families, Forest Games, Bear Facts and Around the World.

Last updated on 14th December 2020.

11. Animals Nov 2020 to date

This is the eleventh and current set for collecting. The first series of cards appeared in the UK in November 2020, but is yet to appear in the USA. There are 60 animals in the series. Three cards from the series are shown below:

Yoyo Bear Animals cards


10. Grrreatest Games Dec 2019 to Nov 2020

This is the tenth set. The first series of cards appeared in the UK in December 2019, and in January 2020 in the USA. The shiny cards appeared in early April, which is a significant departure from earlier series. This tends to imply that a completely new series will appear in July 2020. Bear and his friends are competing in 50 different games. Two cards from the series are shown below:

Yoyo Bear Greatest Games Cards

9. Curious Quest Dec 2018 to Nov 2019

This is the ninth set. The first series of cards appeared in December 2018, with the shiny cards appearing in October 2019. Bear is collecting exhibits from around the world. Three cards from the series are shown below:

Yoyo Bear's Curious Quest Cards


8. Space Race Dec 2017 to Nov 2018

This is the eighth set, and the first series of cards appeared in December 2017, with the second (shiny) series released in August 2018. The race follows four astronauts, who compete to fly with Captain Bear on his space missions. Two cards from the series are shown below:

Yoyo Bear Space Race Cards

7. Spy Adventures Dec 2016 to Nov 2017

This is the seventh set - the first series of these cards appeared in December 2016, with the second (shiny) series released in August 2017. They featured bear, as part of the Department of Defence (D.O.D.), undergoing spy missions around the world and coming up against the Ministry of Baddies (M.O.B) Each of the cards contained a secret code on the back which, when put together, revealed a clue as to the hideout location of the Ministry of Baddies.

Yoyo Bear Spy Mission Cards


6. Time Travel Dec 2015 to Nov 2016

The sixth set, and most controversial to date. These cards first appeared in December 2015, with the second (shiny) series of the set first spotted in August 2016.

Up until this set, collecting Yoyo bear cards had been fairly straightforward. However, a couple of months after the Time Travel cards were launched, some variations started appearing. This was mostly due to peceived offence caused by the original cards. The set was in two series, with the second series comprising shines. The total number of cards in the set was 100. However, if all the variants are included, this goes up to 140, making it, unintentionally, the largest set so far.

Yoyo Bear Time Travel Card 30 Variation

The picture above shows the two versions of the Henry VIII card.


5. Super Species Jan 2015 to Nov 2015

The fifth set, these cards first appeared in December 2014 with the second series in August 2015. For the first time, the second series were shiny cards. This format continues all the way through to the current set.

Yoyo Bear Super Species Cards

Two super species cards from the initial series.


4. Around the World Jan 2014 to Dec 2014

With the fourth set, Around the World, Bear made a major change to the presentation of their cards by changing to a landscape format. This change has subsequently been continued into the next four sets, up until 2018/19 where the change back to portrait has been made.

This is also the first set to be issued outside of the UK and Ireland, and has been released in the U.S.A. and several European countries in mid-2018.

Yoyo Bear Around the World Country Cards

Two cards from the "Around the World" series, showing the rare South Korea and Philippines cards. This second series in this set comprised 20 World Treasure cards, but was only released in the UK.


3. Bear Facts May 2013 to Dec 2013

This is the third offering from Bear, and was the first set to be numbered on the front. They also split the release into two series for the first time. It was also the last set to be printed entirely in portrait format. There were 110 of these cards in the first series, 11 in the second series, giving 121 in total. Excluding variants, this makes it the largest set so far.

Yoyo Bear Facts Cards

Three cards from the "Bear Facts" set.


2. Forest Games May 2012 to April 2013

This, the second series, was inspired by the London 2012 Olympics. It comprised seven animal squads, which were named after a fruit, each with seven members. There was also some cheetah and medal cards. The styling was little changed from the original set.

Yoyo Bear Forest Games Cards

Three cards from the "Forest Games" set.


1. Animal Families: Oct 2009 to April 2012

The first first set which hit the streets in October 2009. This set comprised of fifteen groups of five cards each. Fourteen of the groups were of different forest animals, and the other group was a collection of animal habitats.

Yoyo Bear Animal Families Cards

Three cards from the original "Animal Families" set from 2009.


Cards for Sale

With the whole family being avid Yoyo Bear fruit roll eaters, we also have quite a lot of duplicates which are for sale for a modest price - generally cheaper than eBay. Each drop down menu has a <buy> element which loads the current stock and price-list for the cards. We currently have for sale cards from Curious Quest, Space Race, Bear Facts, Around the World (UK and USA), Super Species, Time Travel and Spy Adventures.